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5 of the most common publishing lies writers are told over and over

The publishing process can be murky. Don't get lost in it by believing these 5 lies about the process.

12 Bestselling Authors Give You Their Best Writing Tips

These 12 bestselling authors spill twenty secrets that are guaranteed to make you a better author.

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Query Letter Services Now Available

Don't let the fear of querying stop you from achieving your dreams.

Meet the Characters: Yasmara

Yasmara Amaclottera hails from Eatria, the capital port-city of Feaclottera, the western-most of the Four Realms. She is very young, about 18 or 19, with stunning looks and long red hair. 

COMING SOON: Demon Age (Fantasy)

This is one fantasy you aren't going to want to miss, folks. I guarantee it.

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