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E.B. Johnson

E.B. Johnson is the co-founder of Dragr LLC and a Jaqueline of All Trades.

Why you don’t need a professional editor to get published.

Think you need a professional editor to get published? Maybe you do. But maybe you don't...

The Demon Age has dawned at last…

Check out an excerpt of this week's installment of "Demon Age: Will of Shadows".

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Tomorrow: A new fantasy adventure begins…

Ready for a new weekly digital fantasy series? Brace yourself for Demon Age.

5 of the most common publishing lies writers are told over and over

The publishing process can be murky. Don't get lost in it by believing these 5 lies about the process.

Mark Twain makes you a better writer with these timeless tips.

"Trust your readers to imagine fantastic details and they'll trust you to take them on good journeys. "

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