It’s been almost two years since I started writing my fantasy novel, Demon Age. I am now pleased to announce that I’m making it available for free* — in an exciting new weekly fantasy series.

I’ll be releasing Demon Age chapter-by-chapter to you, the fans each week. The chapters will be available for free* on Medium and Wattpad, with the occasional cheeky chapter posted here on my blog for free as well. At the end of the journey, the novel will be made available in paperback on Amazon.

Ready to buckle up and join me on my epic fantasy debut? This new weekly digital series is something completely new for me, so I hope you all join me on the wild ride. There’s an entirely new world of magic and danger waiting for you just around the bend…

(* Please note, some sites like Medium only allow a limited number of free reads per period.)

demon age (1)

Audoin is a man with no past and little future. Struggling on the streets of Ashusrith, his destiny is changed forever when he encounters a Demon stalking the city he calls home. Will he rise to his forming destiny? Or will he succumb to the Will of Shadows?

Demon Age will be available January 30, 2019.

Enjoy this short excerpt of this opening prologue of Demon Age…



Thunder boomed overhead and slick black rains soaked the group of heroes. They struggled onward, slipping and sliding among the scattered crags that dotted the mouldering landscape of the Twilight Lands. Lightening crashed around them and scarred the earth. When they reached the yawning mouth of the cave only seven of them remained and they were stinking and soaked by the oily downpour.

Princess Regesh was the first to enter, followed closely by the assassin, the mage and the two dwarves. The others struggled through shortly after, bruised, battered and bleeding from a slew of wounds and cuts. The princess paused long enough to let her eyes adjust to the darkness before pushing on, a grim look of determination stretched across her face. Her red braid had gone black and was plastered to skin, trailing down her body until it disappeared into the shadows of her curves. The heavy sword that hung from her back had disappeared too, swallowed up in the darkness by the soot and grime that covered it.

When they reached the gate, the warlock pushed his way to the front and took his place beside Princess Regesh. She bristled. She had hoped the old man wouldn’t make it up the mountain.

“I believe this is where I take the lead, princess,” he drawled, in the spindly accent she had come to hate on their long journey. “You may step aside.”

Princess Regesh studied the mage and did nothing to conceal her disdain.

Mage Yorghul was the ugliest man she had ever seen — and the oldest too. Long grey locks hung around him heavy and stinking and his faded purple robes were covered in stains. He seemed untouched by the rain, the result of some spell he had cast, but he looked shabby all the same. Yorghul clutched his gnarled stave and studied her with milk white eyes that made the princess shiver.

He had been a thorn in her side from the moment they had set out on their quest from the Black Palace. The highest ranking priest in the Temple of Ashusrith, the mage found it an insult to take orders from a woman — even if she was the descendent of the Demon Prince. The princess and the warlock had come to loggerheads several times on their long journey, and once had even come to blows.  Princess Regesh had come out triumphant, though, and was determined to avoid any further conflict on the last leg of their journey.

The princess gave the old man a nod and stepped to the side cooly. The gate loomed before them, but she never took her eyes off the mage.

Yorghul approached the Gate of Doom with a look of reverence and awe on his face.

It had taken them more than three months to find the gate and it had cost them dearly…

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