Coming soon, a tale of fantasy, legend and epic lore. A land of demons, demigods and everything  in between. DEMON AGE. 

Thunder exploded in the sky while heavy, oily rains fell over the volcanic slopes of the Ysh Pinnacles. Plumes of yellow smoke snaked from the earth, making the air thick. The noxious vapors were illuminated by shafts of lightning that cleaved the night in two. In the toxic haze, the black maw of the cave opened sinister and wide. The knight eyed the old hag with suspicion as she huddled over the bubbling contents of the vat.

“So tell me then, witch,” he said with a thick, regal accent. “What do you see in my future? Where am I to turn?” The old crone turned to look at him and studied him with one fearsome red eye.

She was a terror to behold.

Cloaked in faded black robes, white flesh, like corpse flesh, peeked out from beneath dirty folds. The skin hung from her hands and from the jowls of her face in thick creases that wriggled like maggots in the moonlight with her every move. Eons of wrinkles crossed the pallid white flesh, carving it deep like stone.

Her eyes were a real horror to behold, however.

Hooded and pressed deep into her skull, one eye burned bright, red and large against her sickly flesh. The other socket was puckered and empty, with thick threads binding it shut. She turned her burning eye toward him and the knight’s soul caught fire. The crone stared at him, unblinking, her long jowls quivering against the rough black wool of her hood. She did not speak.

It had taken him months to reach her, as well as the lives of some of his companions and closest friends. When they had begun their ascent more than a fortnight ago, it had been in search of answers, but now…Well, now he wasn’t sure what he wanted.

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