In honor of my upcoming independently published fantasy novel, DEMON AGE, I’ll be sharing some sketches of a few of the central characters.

First up is Yasmara, a sweet young girl who finds herself drawn into the quest of a lifetime.

Screenshot 2017-10-18 11.56.09

Yasmara Amaclottera hails from Eatria, the capital port-city of Feaclottera, the western-most of the Four Realms. She is very young, about 18 or 19, with stunning looks and long red hair.

Yasmara has a bit of a tragic background, and when she is discovered by Audoin and Wilmetta (the story’s heroes) she is working as an indentured tavern girl in a rough and poor part of town. After being rescued by Wilmetta, she joins the duo on their quest and becomes the heart and soul of the group.

Yasmara is incredibly kind and loving, but she is also naive. She has a primal need to give love to people, and would do anything for those she cares about. She is pure, genuine, sweet, loving, forgiving, honest and all the other good adjectives you could write about a person. Unfortunately, though, even with all her beauty and light, there is a child-like ignorance in her that plays a dangerous role in her part of the story.

The scene that best describes Yas would have to be this one:

Screenshot 2017-10-18 12.35.16

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