After the unforeseen hitches in my previous fantasy novel, TITAN SHIFT, I am releasing an all new fantasy novel called DEMON AGE.

DEMON AGE is an epic fantasy novel, set in the medieval world of Loth Malarya, also known as the Four Realms. Loth Malarya is a place full of magic, evil and intrigue, with mythical beasties and dangerous crones lurking behind every corner.

The story follows three (unwitting) heroes, Audoin, Wilmetta and Yasmara, as they quest to protect The Chosen Child and reveal the truth of the Demon’s Prophecy. On their journey, however, they discover a truth that is much more dangerous than any they could have dreamed of — a truth that could have deadly consequences for all of Loth Malarya.

I will be publishing this work independently through Amazon. It will be available in both eBook and paperback formats, with a few special surprises for those that pre-order the book early.

Make sure you stay tuned to this space for all the latest on DEMON AGE, including giveaways, beta-reading opportunities and more.

This is one fantasy you aren’t going to want to miss, folks. I guarantee it.

You can also find out more about DEMON AGE and discover some of the main characters on my Tumblr.