This week, I put down the history books and picked up The Hiding Place, a psychological thriller written by David Bell.

The story follows a young single-mother, Janet, as she revisits the twenty-five year old murder case of her little brother. With the help of her teenage daughter and an aging small-town detective, Janet begins to uncover secrets she could never have fathomed and comes one step closer to solving the murder of her little brother.

I do have to say, I picked this book up in one of those tourist-trap shops.

You know the ones I mean.

Shelves packed full of common-fodder fiction to occupy you on those long flights. Puzzles, art supplies and little toys to keep the kids occupied while you and the hubby try to grab some quick shut eye in the hotel room.

I wasn’t expecting too much from The Hiding Place, I must admit, but I was happily surprised.

The book was a solid read and one that kept me entertained. The characters were relatively well crafted (though Janet’s daughter does come off as a bit of an unrealistic idiot) and the story was solid enough — if predictable.

Bell is a solid writer that gets you from point A to point B in a bit of a roundabout manner. I guess what is important is that he gets you there at all, which he doesn’t fail to do with this little novel.

Basically, it was your mainstream, commercial psychological thriller. It was one that I could easily seen being turned into a movie starring someone like Heather Graham as the lead, Janet.

So if you’re looking for a book that is just a simple read and will give you a break from any mental fatigue you might be experiencing, The Hiding Place just might be the book for you.